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Success Story

LMS Success Stories

"As a child I was a delinquent, consequently that led to my becoming an adult offender. In 1987 when I was 17, I was arrested, charged and convicted of shooting a Philadelphia police officer. I was sentenced to ten years in prison. I spent that entire ten years plotting and planning on how I was going to be able to sell drugs and run the streets again. When I was released in 1997 to Liberty Management, I met Ms. Karen Sams. She was my counselor/case manager. From inception, she encouraged me and gave me the room to get my life in order and to further my rehabilitation. However, what she didn't know is that despite what I professed to her, I wasn't ready to get it together. Subsequently, in May 2000, two-years and ten months later, I was re-arrested and convicted of another crime. I was sentenced to 8-27 years. I knew the day that I was arrested this time, that I was ready to turn my life around and that this would be the last crime that I would ever commit. For the next 8 years I went to school and planned my future for success. Upon my release on Feb. 4, 2008, I sought out Ms. Sams and expressed my desire to do the right thing. She gave me another chance by allowing me to come in and work with the guys who were just coming home from incarceration. Next, I was able to find gainful employment with the Philadelphia Health Department. Now, I'm enrolled back in school and I am due to graduate from Community College of Philadelphia in May. I am also an author of several novels."

"Today, I'm pretty much where I should have been when I came home in 1997. However, I feel that I owe Ms. Karen Sams plenty of 'Thanks'. I feel that her trust and continued faith in me gave me the confidence, motivation, and determination to move forward and not look back."