Liberty Management Services

2900 N. 17th St
Philadelphia, PA 19132
    (610) 265-6700

Besides developing and managing corrections programs, LMS also offers facility design and development services to corrections agencies at all levels of government. (Not only do we operate our existing three facilities, we also designed and developed all three.)

Examples of successful projects Liberty has developed include:

  • LMS designed two corrections facilities for the Philadelphia Prison System (PPS) that are staffed and operated by the PPS. In return for an affordable lease, LMS invested the capital to build the buildings and furnish them with equipment. LMS repairs and maintains the properties.
  • LMS designed and is currently leasing 4 Parole Offices (two for the State of Pennsylvania, one for the State of New Jersey and one for Montgomery County, PA.)

Before you borrow money to develop your new building, consider letting LMS do it for you.