Liberty Management Services

2900 N. 17th St
Philadelphia, PA 19132
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Placing residents in an LMS Community Correction Center helps both the incarcerated and the prison system. We help pre-release inmates and parolees re-enter society and become productive and self-supporting. And we help the prison system as a cost effective economical alternative that reduces overcrowding and recidivism, offering both the criminal justice system and the individual a safe, secure, controlled setting for transformation and readjustment.

Liberty Management Services, Inc., provides:

  • A structured, secure, drug-free environment with the staff and the professionalism to help residents modify their behavioral patterns and find recovery from the addictions that may have been at the root of their incarceration.
  • Intensive case management and support systems to help residents re-establish family and social connections, and gain the education and skills they need to lead productive lives. Focused case management provides each resident with the appropriate referrals, structure, coordination, monitoring, and treatment plans to help the individual make a smooth transition back into the mainstream of society.
  • Inter-agency communication and cooperation that benefit the criminal justice system, the community, and the resident to reduce recidivism and provide statistical data.
  • Compliance with all federal, state, and local standards, rules, and regulations.
  • Commitment to neighborhoods: LMS hires most of its staff from the local zip code or from candidates recommended by the community advisory committees.

Our current facilities contribute to and give back to the neighborhood through:

  • A community center for the enjoyment of senior and children.
  • A full-size gym and running track.
  • A community service program that provides work opportunities for residents to serve the neighborhood, such as being crossing guards for local schools and performing scheduled daily clean-ups of vacant lots and streets-giving them a sense of pride in and connection to their communities, which for many may be a first-time experience.
  • We hire most of our employees from the local zip codes and are committed to serving the neighborhoods in which we work.

Our programs are designed with the dual goals of reducing recidivism rates within our residents and reducing costs to our government clients.

LMS is accredited by the American Correctional Association (ACA). Our accreditation score is 100% in compliance in all mandatory and non-mandatory areas.